Growth and preparation of III-V-compound semiconductor materials

Compound semiconductor materials of the third and fifth main group are key material of power and high frequency applications, especially wireless communication, but also one of the most challenging materials to produce a bulk crystal.

GaN Bulk crystal growth

At Fraunhofer THM/IISB we are conducting research and development together with industrial partners to develop the HVPE (Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy) process as a manufacturing method for large GaN crystals.

For a fundamental understanding of the crystal growth mechanism and an optimization of the growth process, we combine data obtained from in-situ measurements during HVPE growth along with ex-situ data from crystal property analysis and compare them with physical models using numerical simulation. As a result, both the reactor geometry and the crystal quality can be optimized.  

Research topics / services

  • Numerical simulation of gas phase processes
  • Development and optimization of HVPE reactors and processes
  • Investigation of the microstructure and properties of GaN crystals
  • Further information


InP Bulk crystal grown

The growth and preparation of InP single crystals, growing from the melt at a pressure up to 100atm is investigated at the THM. For process development we use extensive experiences on the Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) method and on numerical simulation of growth processes. To achieve specific surface properties of the wafers we use different preparation technologies. The structural material properties, e.g. density of defects (epd) will examine with automated analytical methods

Research topics / services

  • Equipment and process development of crystal growth from the melt, especially by Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) method
  • Numerical simulation of crystal growth processes from the melt
  • Surface preparation and structural characterization of compound semiconductors, e.g. InP and GaAs