Production of electrodes


For the broad mass market and the future spread of lithium-ion batteries for mobile or stationary energy storage, the manufacturing costs for battery cells must be further reduced. We develop efficient process and manufacturing technologies and transfer them to pre-industrial pilot plant scale. For this purpose, we have various pilot plants available under dry room conditions (TP-60°C) for slurry preparation, film coating in casting or extrusion processes, drying and post-compaction of battery electrodes.


An important part of cost reduction is the reduction of rejection rates. To this end, we are working on inline-capable test systems that perform non-destructive testing during electrode manufacturing and reliably detect defects or functional changes in the material composition or cell structure.



Research topics / services

  • Development of efficient, environmentally friendly production technologies for battery electrodes
  • Up-scaling of laboratory processes and technology transfer
  • Evaluation of new material systems and components in electrode development
  • Feasibility studies and consulting in the field of process scaling
  • Inline testing systems for electrode and cell production

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Pilot-scale production of lithium battery electrodes using efficient roll-to-roll processes.
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Electrodes for lithium battery cells in mobile and stationary energy storage systems.